Hello World!

My name is Nathan Stambro and I am a dedicated and passionate full-stack developer who loves to create user-friendly experiences on the web.

It’s hard for me to believe, but I built my first website about 22 years ago. Of course, it was nothing like the sites we build today, but as soon as I started coding HTML and saw that page change in the browser, I fell in love.

I have a ferocious appetite for knowledge and love to learn anything and everything I can. With the web always changing, I'm forced to learn new things to keep up and that's an exciting challenge to me!

As much as I enjoy the code side of the web, I love the user-facing side even more. I like to keep interfaces clean and simple and use technology only to enhance the experience. If something gets in the way, I cut it out.

Professionally, I've spent the past 9 years building a SAAS web application for Right On Interactive where I focused on the User Interface and User Experience. Before that, 10 years building websites for Klipsch where I managed 4 brand websites, 4 community websites, 3 B2B websites, multiple product mini-sites, an intranet website and countless internal web applications. I've also spent many nights and weekends building websites as a part-time Freelancer.

For more information about my abilities, be sure to check out my portfolio. Summarizing my long development career was a bit difficult, but it should give you a good overview of what I can do.

Thanks for stopping by!

Nathan Stambro

Indianapolis, IN
Nathan Stambro